Thursday, June 29, 2006

Types of HDB floorplan layout (88 sqm)

The floor plan above is a typical one for a CORNER 3 room unit. The main difference are the windows found on the side of the units. These windows allow more light and air to come into the flat. Also, if you need more rooms, it is also possible to configure a 3 bedroom layout as opposed to the INTERMEDIATE units.

So the obvious units to go for are the CORNER units. But then again, you must have the patience, determination and a bit of luck to get to buy one of these CORNER units.

The reality is that it is already hard enough to wait for someone here to sell, let alone a CORNER unit. So most of time, buyers eventually compromise.


Anonymous said...

How much is one such corner unit would cost now and next 2 years?

Anonymous said...

Last enquired, the price was around 280k asking 10k above value 4th floor. 2 weeks ago.

SGalf said...

You probably mixed up Bukit Ho Swee with Tiong Bahru's prices.

Valuation here is between $400- $420k now.

Some agents likes to advertise Bukit Ho Swee as Tiong Bahru.