Saturday, June 3, 2006

Transacted Prices are NOT TRANSPARENT

There is no official website for you to find out the recent transacted prices for the PRE-WAR section of Tiong Bahru.

This has create much confusion, chaos and stress when buying and selling a property here.

This lack of information, while it punished the ignorant, has rewarded many hardworking and diligent investors.

I wonder when the authorities will make these information public.

For HDB's transacted prices, you can go to to find out last 3 months transacted prices.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just checked with URA this week with regard to how to obtain the transacted prices of conserved flats around Tiong Bahru. This is their reply:

"The conservation flats mentioned are under HDB and for the transactions information of these properties, you will need to make a search on the manual Titles kept in the Singapore Land Authority (SLA). You will need to know the Title Vol and Fol No of the property you are interested in before going to SLA counter to make the search."

Happy searching!

Anonymous said...

The recent transacted prices, for the Tiong Bahru Flats cannot be found in They are managed by the Bukit Merah Area Office. I like to find out last 3 months transacted prices. In the link provided, the apts and the prices listed under Bukit Merah area do not show any apts from this part of Tiong Bahru i.e. HDB Post War SIT flats or the Pre-War Conserved privatised flats.

So its hard to get a feel of the valuation and the price trending.

If any one knows the prices of any apartment in the pre war flats please let me know esp Blk 74..

Also if you know the history of ginnys Florist that is in Blk 8o that would be nice. It has been vacant for the past 25 years. Ghost sighting?...

I am james. email


Anonymous said...

thank you - this is excellent information.
I am indeed on the hunt for previous clearance rates for the conservation flats.