Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It should not have happened here!

This morning, as I was driving back home after dropping my daughter off her school, I noticed an ambulance that stopped next to block 33 Lim Liak Street.
(By the way, seeing ambulances here in Tiong Bahru is nothing unusual as most elderly residents seemed to get to the hospital via one and so I thought nothing about it.)

This time around it seemed a bit different.

First, there was a small crowd and I was stopped by a medic so that they can push their equipments across Lim Liak Street.

As I drove past the crowd, I saw blood stains on someone who is seated on a kerb in between two vehicles!

“Hah?! Road accident along this stretch of road?” I thought to myself.

“Couldn’t be serious and the blood was probably from an abrasion”.

Anyway, I parked my car and walked back to “kay poh”(busybody).

The first thing that caught my eye was the circular shaped dent on the wind screen of the white car.

“Oh no! Head injuries! I hope that girl is alright!”

She is conscious and her head was bandaged, but with head injuries, you can never be too sure.

Let’s all pray for her and wish her a speedy and full recovery.

As I was walking back home, I was thinking to myself how did that kind of accident ever happened here.

Lim Liak Street is not an expressway and all drivers should exercise caution when they drive around this estate.

The following are some possible reasons why they (me included) should slow down:

1) Residents can dart across the road without looking.

2) Bicycles and motorbikes will ride in the wrong directions.

3) Sometimes, cars will move in the wrong direction as well.

4) Cars will stop suddenly without warnings.
     (This is very rampant along Seng Poh Road)

5) Car doors will swing open suddenly.

6) Car will also turn where they are not supposed to turn or emerge from places where you least expected (The junction along Seng Poh Road and Eng Watt Street is one such place)

7) Not every driver remembers their highway code and they drive in a very unpredictable way.

If everyone play their part, (PEDESTRIANS included), then such accidents should never ever happen.

Let’s go for ZERO accidents.

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