Monday, June 29, 2009

One is Enough!

I saw something that baffles me this afternoon.

A recycling company was seen emptying both the blue and yellow recycling bin into the same truck.

And while I was snapping the picture, I noticed a car that drove against traffic into Kim Pong Road and Lim Liak Street.
(And this is not the 1st time I’ve seen this)

Okay, back to the Recycling thingy.

If they are going to dump all the contents into the same truck, why must they place two bins all over the Tiong Bahru Estate and the rest of Singapore?

One bin would suffice right?

Next time, I wouldn’t even separate my recycling stuff when I dump it into the bins.

What’s the point right?

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Taoism said...

Ha Good Catch. All the goods are probably going straight into a landfill and not being recycled.

Anyways, on the driving the wrong way down a one way street, I just saw it this past week on Tiong Poh Road and the guy was drivng fast too. He really could have killed somebody

SGalf said...

There are just too many of such drivers around here.

Some drivers will turn back after they realise that they are in the wrong direction while some others will persist in their wrong direction.

And the worst of the lot are those that still expect me to give way even though they are in the wrong direction!

Anonymous said...

Send this pic to the town council for explanation...what crappy green msg are we trying to say here. Say one thing, do one thing...beside, we pay the council. Cheers!

SGalf said...

i think a new company has taken over and we do not need to separate the stuff anymore.