Friday, January 9, 2015

We need a health check for the Estate

Straits Times dated 9th January 2015

This is one of the side effect if short term rentals is allowed.

Unlike gated private condo, Tiong Bahru Estate is rather porous. It would be tough to trace who is residing here.

Given today's volatile security climate, it would make a very ideal hideout.

It is time the land owner, the HDB, exert some authority and start demanding Lessee update them on who their tenants are, just like how they are managing the Post War HDB side.

Even owners of private properties are obligated to update their MCST when they put in new tenants, otherwise the tenants would be denied entry.

At the moment, the Pre-War side is slowly turning into a cowboy estate.

Rogue companies and landlords blatantly run service apartments out from these flats. Some apartments even have 3 additional en-suite toilets in the heavily partitioned apartments. Housekeeping is always done after office hours to avoid detection.

Of late, food retailers are also joining the GREY bandwagon by turning residential properties into retail outlets.

Legally, Hdb doesn't allow units to be converted from residential to commercial space but the mantra seems to be See no Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak no Evil.

As long as the permit doesn't come to their inbox, everything in Tiong Bahru "appear" to be running smoothly and efficiently.

This denial is almost like someone who did the health check ten years ago and still think he is healthy today.

How much rot must the genuine homeowner take before something is done?

It's time someone working in the ivory tower takes a regular stroll around the estate....after office hours included.
Please help us make this a great place to live in.


milestones said...

We had to put up with dubious "tenants" and had to call the police and the TC to end this. There's much of such nonsense going on and I fully support this initiative to clean up TB estate. Well done!

milestones said...

Yes, fully agree and support this initiative to clean up the estate; let's start NOW. Enough is enough - the Tiong Bahru estate has become a playground of all sorts and the quiet tranquil life style is being transformed slowly into the highest bidders for property through insane bidding; one food outlet after another; with no planning as to how to really preserve this neighborhood. Someone help .....