Saturday, January 23, 2010

RATS! There is no MISTAKE about it now!

Cute and cuddly RATS from Ikea

Following my blog entry last October about the mistaken identity between the Shrew and the Rats, I had always wanted to “correct” or “qualify” that I did make any claims that there are no RATS in Tiong Bahru and I found the perfect opportunity to do so today….or rather yesterday.

Right after that shrew blog entry, I bumped into Resident Mr & Mrs Joe while I was supervising my kids at the playground at Kim Pong Road.

Mrs Joe said she still doesn’t like those furry, rodent, shrews thingy, despite knowing that they are not RATS.

Immediately, a huge rat half scampered and half hopped across from Block 43 to Block 44 Moh Guan Terrace.

“And that is definitely a RAT!”, I exclaimed sheepishly.

Since Mrs Joe was jittery about RATS, we parted ways very quickly.

Ever since that encounter, I have noticed a pair of them (the rats lah) darting around that vicinity and I suspect they came from the nearby dumpster.

These RATS were probably pushed out by their parent RAT to look for their own homes.

Despite not getting a government “NEAR PARENTS GRANT”, these resourceful rats still managed to settle into some really prime real estate in Tiong Bahru!

I never had a chance to catch them with my camera as I’m always too late  slow and they are long gone when I’m back with my camera.

So I was rather happy that I managed to catch one of them having fun in the sun while I was on my way for an appointment yesterday.

pardon the grainy video as it was taken from my low resolution cellphone

The way the RAT was moving around seems to indicate that it has settled down very well here and is not jittery at all.

It fact, I was quite amazed that it was unaware of my presence until so much later.

I think it is time to make those responsible for the dumpster to clean up the place THOROUGHLY once and for all.

And the NEA must also educate those cat feeders to clean up all those leftovers after the cats are done with it.

Otherwise, the cockroaches and RATS will come out to play after the CATS had their fill.

By the way, I once visited a cockroach infested home in Tiong Bahru!

It was so bad that I could even smell the roaches from the stairways.

The roaches were obviously have a ball there coz the owner goes around collecting rice from “god knows where” and store them in those red plastic bags along the staircase.

She will only bring the rice out to feed the strays in the evenings.

I pity her neighbours! And eventually, it is those foreign workers who are willing to live next to her because they ain’t got any choice.

(By the way that unit is located near a coffeeshop and that may be why I was never thrilled to dine there)

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