Monday, October 1, 2007

Tan Seng Poh(1830 – 1879)

Seng Poh Road and Seng Poh Lane are located within the Tiong Bahru Estate. Both streets are after Tan Seng Poh(1830 – 1879), who was born in Perak.

His father Tan Ah Hun was from Zhaoan (between Fujian and Guandong provinces) and was the rich Captain China of Perak.

Tan Seng Poh’s eldest and second sister were married to Seah Eu Chin in Singapore.

Seng Poh followed his sister to Singapore and later became one of the four richest Teochews here.

He built a mansion in Loke Yew Street, which became one of the four largest houses among the Teochews.

Seng Poh once had the monopoly to sell opium in Johor.

In Singapore, he was head of the Opium Farm.

In 1871, he was appointed Municipal Commissioner and in 1875, head of its committee.

Seng Poh was made a Justice of Peace and a honorary magistrate in 1872.

He was keen in public service, social welfare and education.

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