Monday, January 1, 2007

How old are the Tiong Bahru Properties

The lease of most Tiong Bahru Pre-War Conserved flats start between 1st Jan 1965 to 1967.
(The Singapore Government started selling the units to the individual owners from 1965 onward)

As at 1st January 2005, the lease remaining for this area is less than 60 years.

Do take note of how this will impact your CPF withdrawal limits and your bank loans when making an offer for these properties.


The lease for the HDB side starts from 1st Jan 1973.

The rule will affect those who will be using bank loans to finance their purchase from 1st Jan 2013 onwards.

Those who are eligible for the HDB loans are not affected by this ruling.


Anonymous said...

Blocks 22,23,24, 25, 26 27 28 29
37 38 39 etc. along Lim Liak Street
and facing Tiong Bahru Road - can we know whether this area has been
gazetted under SERS: IF so, under which gazette number and date.
I understand URA us i/c of this
area. I wrote them a letter and have yet to received their reply

SGalf said...

The block from 17 - 50 has not been gazetted for conservation nor SERS. Whatever the case, I don't think HDB nor URA will breathe a word on their future plans to anyone as it may encourage speculations. Do you want SERS to happen here?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what SERS is (upgrading is it?) but if the govt is investing in the blocks by reroofing, I guess it means that we have another 10 years at least before we worry about enbloc?

SGalf said...

Hi TBgal,

SERS is the acroynm for Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme.

I certainly hope that you are right. The recently renovated Seng Poh Garden may also be a tell tale sign that this place will be around for a while more.

But I really hate the feeling that this place is existing on borrowed time. Would really wish that the authorities conserve this place once and for all.

Just-mine said...

Hi, can I know more about the demographic profile of Tiong Bahru? I need some information about this for my sch report (:
thanks a lot =]

Nic said...

Does anyone know if Blk 44 Moh Guan is considered as a pre-war conserved flat?

SGalf said...

Hi Nic,

Block 17 - 50 are POST war flats that were built between 1948 to 1951.

These cluster of flats within the Tiong Bahru Estate has not yet been conserved.

Many people, agents included, has always thought that these flats were PRE-WAR conserved flats when these were neither.

Hope this clarifies.

the eclectic reviewer said...

Hi, I was wondering if you have any photographs of the pre-war flats in Tiong Bahru?

janw123 said...

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LV said...

Hello, may i know anyone know when Block 53 and Block 54 (which is the currect location of Link Hotel) were built? are they post-war buildings too? Many thanks!