Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uncle, 这个有人的吗?

It was a very hot day to be out walking around this afternoon and I was literally walking from one minimart to another minimart in Tiong Bahru to get my Coke Zero.

Whatever I drank doesn't seems to quench my thirst one bit.

Somehow I ended up in the back lane behind Block 58 Seng Poh Road and the following item caught my eye:

It was LOVE at 1st sight and Love can sometime mess up your head and behaviour.

I knew it was obviously a very silly question to ask Mr Tay but I still went ahead and ask.

"Er, Uncle, 这个有人的吗? (Is this someone's)

Either Mr Tay did not hear me, could not understand my lousy Mandarin or he was just saving me from further embarrassment.

He just went about cutting up some leather to upholster some antique looking chairs which someone is trying to restore, ignoring my presence totally.

Anyway, to make my stupidity worthwhile for everyone, I got a name card of Mr and Mrs Tay.

If you ever needed to restore your old sofa, replace the leather on the leather chairs or anything that has fabric a makeover, you can contact Mr or Mrs Tay.

They had been doing this for many many many years and my uncle was once upon a time their customer when he bought his very 1st Mitsubushi Lancer.


Sparklette said...

I also have a rather stupid question. Where are the hind legs of the chair? From this angle it looks as though it doesn't have any, yet from the first pic it looks as though it is perfectly upright.

SGalf said...

Hi Sparklette,

I think I did not angle my phone properly.

If you click on the picture to enalrge it, you can actually see the hind legs.