Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hit & Run

It was a routine morning for me today.

Peeled myself off my bed and rushed my son to school.

As usual, we always arrive at the school gate just a few minutes shy of the 7:20am cut-off point.

Anyone who arrives after 7:20am will be ushered to a "sleepy heads" corner and listen to what the discipline master has to say.

3 strikes and the bigger sleepy head within the family will need to join junior sleepy head in school to listen in to his discipline master.

So far I've been good and there were no incidents.

As I was walking back home, Resident Anne told me that she saw a car being rear-ended along Kim Pong Road by a Malaysian lorry earlier in the morning at about 7:15am.

She thinks the driver was stopping there to grab a bite at the stalls along Kim Tian Road but sped of when he realised he hit a car.

It happened so fast that she could not record down the number nor take a picture. (Probably too shocked to react)

So if you are reading this and you actually witnessed the accident, please volunteer the information to the poor car owner. (You can post it here or email it to me)

The car owner probably went from sleepy head to disbelief within 3 seconds and another 5 seconds to turn that disbelief into anger.

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