Monday, June 16, 2008

Lim Leack

Located within the Tiong Bahru Estate, the first Singapore Improvement Trust estate built in the late 1930s, Lim Liak Street was named in 1941 on completion of the housing estate after the well respected Chinese merchant, Lim Leack.

Lim Leack was the proprietor of Leack, Chin Seng and Co and Chop Hiap Chin. He came from China to Malaya in 1825.

He started his business in tin-mining and later part of his life, he moved to Singapore and started his shipping business.

A public spirited man. He was much respected in the Chinese community.

He died at age 71.

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limsoonhoe said...


I would like to connect with descendants of Lim Leack (Liak). I am building a family tree & would appreciate anyone who could help.

Thank you.


BTW, I used to live in 76 Eng Hoon St