Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Will Two Wrongs Make One Right?

When Tiong Bahru Estate was built in the 1930s, the British architects designed the place with the exposed 'Alexandra' bricks in mind.

About 10 years ago, the bricks at Block 79 and Block 80 Chay Yan Street were painted over with white paints.

At that time, Pre-War Tiong Bahru hasn't been conserved and people were generally quite indifferent to such small details.

I think it was a short cut band aid solution to the persistent seepage problems that are inherent in these porous bricks.

Painting the wall with epoxy paint seems like a clever and cheap solution back then.

Now that residents are more aware of such details, having a painted over brick wall is no longer acceptable.

They wanted the brick walls back and town council had promised that they will explore and brainstorm a solution.

So after many months of brainstorming, I spotted these 3 colour patches at block 79 Chay Yan Street.

It is obvious that they are experimenting with another coat of colours to make the brick walls look like a brick wall.

I think the residents were thinking that the town council will remove the white paint to reveal the true brick colours, not put another coat of paint to right the wrong.

If getting back the brick is so difficult, I rather they leave the white paint on than try to mimic a brick colour.

It will make these two blocks look very fake.

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JD said...

I don't mind the puesdo bricks look. Now the block is again painted white, (after its almost completed with the brown colour band at 2nd storey), it is back plain and pale self again.

If Jinricksha Station at the junction of Tanjong Pagar and Neil Road can retain its former facing brick looks, why can't these two block achieve the same too.