Sunday, September 7, 2008

The FRAMES of Pain

The notice has been served

Awaiting the Destruction

The Destruction has began

Evidence Erased!

I just got back from a 2 week vacation last Friday and was craving for some Hor Fun.

On the way to Ting Heng Restaurant, I had to walk past Eng Hoon Street and I was puzzled to see these metal frames being ripped out from the door ways.

My suspicion about the residents here not being consulted if these FRAMES were important was confirmed at the
Tiong Bahru Re-painting Meeting.

I know these are the FRAME of pain to some of us (
See previous posting).

But it kinda upped the quirk quotient of living in Tiong Bahru.

Once in a while, we will see anxious tenants or owner trying to figure out how to maneuver the bulky furniture through.

The process of getting the furniture through those doorways is certainly painful and frustrating but if we manage to outwit those FRAMES, the feeling is indescribable! (You may not agree with me on this)

Anyway, we were told by Mr Loy Sai Sai, senior property manager for Tanjong Pagar Town Council, has been in charge of this estate since 1991,that many residents had complained about those seemingly useless frames that gets in the way during their moves.

And since it has no utilitarian purpose, they have decided the remove them.

Some were upset enough to voice their concern during the meeting at the Tiong Bahru CC.

Frankly, I don't envy Mr Loy.

Turn left he gets damn, turn right and he also gets damn.

Maybe all he needed to do was to ask first before turning.


kelvin said...

Mr Loy did reassure me that the glazed frame across the top of the doorway would be kept on site as they are an attractive feature, and that those few doorways whose green glass doors are still intact would not be removed.... will keep you updated....

One other interesting out come of the doorway removal was that the layers of paint have flaked off and now one can see what seems to be the original wall colour - which is a pale mustard shade! very french/cambodian/vietnamese colour i have to say....

Anonymous said...

I'm all for leaving the frames as they are. Yes they are non-utilitarian, but they are part of this unique estate's history.

I'm not a conservation purist, but the recent enhancement approach (paint colours, removal of these frames) from our MA leaves me feeling terribly nervous.

Marquis_De_Sade said...

Hmmm... guess I'm in for more surprises the next time I hop home for a visit then.