Friday, August 15, 2008

Remember the Brick Walls!

I’ve got something for everyone here to ponder.

Within the Pre-War section in Tiong Bahru, there are some blocks of flats that have “exposed bricks” for a facade.

The previous time the Town Council did a re-painting job in Tiong Bahru, they had carelessly painted over those exposed brick walls at Block 79 & 80 Chay Yan Street.

At that time, Tiong Bahru Estate has yet to be conserved and people living here at that time basically do not give two hoots about what was being done to their estate.

But things are so different this time around and the town council would have found out by now that they cannot try to pull wool over the resident’s eyes that easily.

One thing I cannot understand is the yellow and blue option which was given to the residents here.

Perhaps the colour specialist did not even walk around the Tiong Bahru Estate and basically planned the colour scheme in the comfort of their office.

I can only speculate that they probably conjure up the colour combination based on the pictures given to them and since those pictures did not have the brick facade and they may have overlooked that completely!

Those bricks are reddish brown in colour and the suggested colour has to be in the same family of colours right?

Correct me if I’m wrong here, reddish brown, baby blue and pastel yellow are not of the same group right?

Not unless the town council intend to paint over the brick walls!

These bricks had been around for the past 70 years! Please leave them alone!

I hope the town council will work around those brick walls and not just paint them over to suit the new colour scheme.

Everyone please help to keep a look out and make sure they do not conveniently paint them over.

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