Friday, August 8, 2008

Noticing the Notices

Today is a typical day for me.

It is a Friday and it is the usual day I go around slotting my flyers within the Tiong Bahru Estate.

To make my routine a little more interesting today, I thought I will snap all the notices that are pasted all over Tiong Bahru today.

The following are what I found today:

This notice is pasted from Blk 17 to Blk 29 in Tiong Bahru

Found this pasted at Blk 81 Tiong Poh Road

This notice is pasted throughout the PRE-WAR section. Littering continues to be a problem here as there is no rubbish chute within the homes. Some inconsiderate residents just leave their litters all over the places other than the bins provided.

This notice is pasted along Tiong Poh Road as SP Power is digging up the road. StarHub was digging up the same stretch 3 weeks ago! Why can't they all dig at the same time?

One of the many RENOVATION notices that could be found pasted within the estate.

A notice by one very annoyed owner who is fed up with people who continuously dump rubbish just outside his home.

Another notice by another annoyed owner

This notice shouldn't even appear here as no one should ever park their motorcycles along the walkways. What if the motorcycle catches fire? Tiong Bahru is hot property but not in that literal sense.

This owner even leaves a phone number for the litterbugs to contact him or her.

This is Singapore most famous guy and is probably constantly on Mr KS Wong's mind.

I applaud this owner's effort in doing up a nice poster.

I hope this dog owner has found his or her puppy by now.

Call Fion if you share the same interest.

Curiosity kills the cat....I might just call to find out about this miracle.

So far I've never stopped by a lamp-post and suddenly decides to buy my wife flowers. Today may be just the day I do something crazy. It is after all 08/08/08 right?

Call this number at your own risk!
You've been warned!

This is fantastic advice! YES! Call ONLY the professionals.
The number above may not be "professional" enough. Do your homework well or you'd be sorry.

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