Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Idiot Proofed

Finally, after 3 days of sending every concerned Tiong Bahru residents into a tailspin, the town council has finally 'idiot-proofed' the process.

See the picture below

sorry for the poor quality coz it was 8pm and lighting was poor and my
phone camera is no SLR quality

They even point out the direction to the mailboxes.

During the last 3 days, everything at the street level in Tiong Bahru Estate looks normal. It was business as usual.

But in the email world, the momentum was quite different.

I am glad to see so many concerned residents who made their opinions known.

And I even saw an email that was forwarded to Prof Koo, Indranee and Simon (pardon my ignorance, who is Simon?)

And we are grateful to Kelvin Ang who alerted the right department to get their processes right.

(The Town Council people were still putting up the colour scheme pictures in every available notice boards in Tiong Bahru. I saw them while I was on the way home from my in law’s place at Guan Chuan Street at about 10pm just now)

At the moment, I'm still having very mixed feeling. To me, it was not so much the poorly executed processes but the lack of REAL choices offered to the residents.

The whole choice thingy is something akin to our Muslim friends' predicament when they walk into the Tiong Bahru Market.

Despite people calling this a food haven, they really only have 2 stalls to choose from.

The Malay stall and the Indonesian stall!

And for people who crave for some Mee Goreng or Roti Prata, they have to walk over to either Kim Tian Road or Tiong Bahru Plaza as there ain't any here at this food haven.

So far, it seems that the blue and yellow Combi does not go very well with everyone I know.

But we haven't check with the Uncle, Aunties, Ah Chek and Ah Soh.

They may actually find those colours refreshing and vote for it.

And let me remind everyone here, they are still the majority....according to Wikipedia.

Living in an Obiang Blue or Pale Yellow flat remains a strong possibility for me.

And if Tiong Bahru is split up into 4 colours, we can organize competitions and literally compete based on 'house' colours....just like primary school days.



Forest said...

Color is crucial in the visual and aesthetic aspects of the estate it plays a huge part in preserving its character. More consideration and time is needed to do it properly.

It is good that town council have given the residents a chance to vote but the options are not right in the first place.

We have been cornered to pick the least of the bad options and that is not the right solution. We also have to remember that many older residents might prefer brighter candy colour options but that is not the right direction.

We don't want to turn it into another "Disneyfied" playground. Look at the disastrous
Hill Street Police station when they painted all the windows a different colour.
That was a joke ... tasteless and ill considered.

Who is this `colour specialist'. The fact that they even suggested a bright turquoise on the balcony, the bright yellow poles ... all this means is they have no understanding of what is needed. It is totally incongruous how does that blue factor in the equation?

Garish and loud and multi coloured is not what we want. To be conservative is also to be sophisticated.

It is NOT just another change-the-color-of-our-flats occasion.

You have to select a colour scheme that blends with the neighborhood, natural and subtle, unobtrusive in manner. Use tinted neutrals that play off landscaping and other building materials , as are mid tone values of neutrals.Balance is important between light and deep colors, as well as warm and cool colors; consider not just the paint color scheme, but all the elements that make up the surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Someone shoot me if they paint the place turqoise, which btw, thanks to the magical world of colour matching in different mediums, might range from blue, to purple, to azure, depending on if you see it on paper, the net, newspaper or 10gsm paper printed on econofast mode with a HP bubblejet.