Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy National Day Tiong Bahru

I was alerted to a YouTube Video by Marquis_De_Sade this morning.

It was the NDP 2003 Theme Song - A Place in My Heart

Funny I don’t recall this NDP song at all!

Almost 3 quarter of the footages has Tiong Bahru as the backdrop.

You can almost call it the Tiong Bahru Theme Song as it contain very little non Tiong Bahru images.

Too bad the roti prata man at Blk 65 Tiong Poh Road (Ah Chang Porridge Coffeeshop) is gone...and so is the bird corner at Blk 53 Tiong Bahru Road (Now the Link Hotel).

Marquis_De_Sade, thank you once again.

And to every Singaporean, Happy 43rd National Day.

1 comment:

kelvin said...

cool! I never noticed this song at all... but it is really, as you say, the Tiong Bahru National Day Song ha.....