Monday, August 11, 2008

The Great Tiong Bahru Mess

The town council has finally got their act together.

The Colour proposals for the PRE-WAR section could be found on the notice board in front of the Resident Committee at Blk 48 Moh Guan Terrace (Just as it was stated in the survey form)

As you can see from the notice board, there were no headings or any mention of what the 4 pictures were for.

The Town Council assumed we all knew what the pictures were there for.

To make matters worse, the HDB’s colour proposals are not placed alongside with the PRE-WAR Colour Proposal.

They are instead placed at a notice board along the pathway in between Blk 46 Seng Poh Road and Blk 48 Moh Guan Terrace.

This oversight is going to create A LOT more confusion for the residents!

I only realised this confusion may arise when my sis-in-law gave me an incredulous look when I told her I’m going for Proposal D for the HDB section.

She thought I was going for the PRE-WAR colour scheme.

(I was thinking of this Proposal D)

(My Sis-In-Law thought I was talking about this Proposal D)

This has serious implication for Tiong Bahru!!!

Let’s just assume everyone who was given a survey form shows up at the RC notice board.

Looking at the 4 proposals there, they will probably think that those 4 proposals presented there are THE PROPOSED COLOURS.

Nothing is on the board to prompt them that they are looking at the WRONG pictures.

So let’s assume the Tanjong Pagar Town Council got a lot of votes for PROPOSAL A from the HDB folks.

Instead of getting this colour scheme:

Of which the resident thinks will turn out SOMETHING like this:

They will END UP getting this!!!!!:

And the town council can cover their rear-end by showing everyone that the residents here actually chose PROPOSAL A!!!!!

Since the survey is so badly EXECUTED, it should be scrapped and be redone again.

There must be no margin for error.

Right now, we MAY POTENTIALLY end up with 4 groups of colour within the Tiong Bahru Estate!!!!

Group 1: Pre-War Tiong Bahru
Group 2: Tiong Bahru Market

Group 3: Blk 17 – Blk 29 HDB Walk Up
Group 4: Blk 33 – Blk 50 HDB Walk Up

Welcome to the TECNICOLOUR town of Tiong Bahru.!!!!!! Screams the future billboard at the Entrance of Tiong Bahru.

Why can’t we synchronised the Pre-War and HDB colours so that both sides will complement each other? how they complement each other now?

I cannot help but feel that the whole colour survey exercise was conducted just for "show" and it is a waste of everyone else time and resources.

To be safe, may I have PROPOSAL E?


After looking at how the whole exercise is conducted, we better err on the side of caution than to let some colour specialist "beautify" our estate!

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