Thursday, August 7, 2008


I supposed these chains were put up by the town council today.

Looks like there won't be any more unauthorized traffic zipping across to terrorize some old ladies into giving way.

Out of concern, I think the chains are a little inconspicuous.... especially in the night when lighting is poor.

Those unwary motorists may trip over these chains and hurt themselves badly.

It would be good if these chains are made a little more noticeable.

Now that these chains are put up, I wonder how the town council's “buggies” are going to zip around to clear the garbage now.

I supposed they have to stop and unlock and lock the chains every time they need to enter this sector.

It is so troublesome…..if only everyone use these pavement responsibly, we will not need to chain it up in the first place.


Taoism said...

Wow, your blog is very powerful. You blog about the lorry and now they put up a chain.

SGalf said...

Hi Taoism,

Dun think it was my blog....I think someone probably complained to the to town coucil.

The town council here is ever so efficient. I called them about a blown flourcent tube and it was replaced with 2 hours!

Glad to know that we have responsible people who are in charge of this area.