Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tiong Bahru Hokkien Prawn Noodles

Extracted from
The Tanjong Pagar Town Council’s WINDOW

Number 48 (February 2008)

This stall is located ar #02-50 within the Tiong Bahru Food Centre.

Mr Soh Chuan Siew runs the stall with his wife.

He’s the 3rd generation in his family to sell prawn noodles.

When he came from China, his grandfather sold them from a pushcart here – for 30 cents per bowl!

He taught his son who used to sell them at $1.20 a bowl in the eighties.

Now Mr Soh sells the same great prawn noodles for $3 a bowl.

But he also sells a smaller serving for $2 – and that’s what most people buy.

“We’ve had customers in Tiong Bahru since 1951.

We are well-known.”

The noodles are perfect, the soup rich and tasty, and the prawns are so fresh you expect them to swim to the bottom of the bowl!

Open 6am to 2pm, closed on Mondays

Additional picture from my computer

Mr Soh Chuan Siew's father, who operated the "HEY MEE" stall at the original Tiong Bahru Market in the 1980s.


SGalf said...

Raw material's prices has increased by quite a lot lately.

I always felt guilty ordering the $2 serving as I think the Soh's profit margin may be quite thin.

But what to do? The $2 and the $3 servings do not differ by alot.

Anyway, I just like to drink the tasty soup and the $2 serving is just about enough to satisfy my cravings.

Brem said...

tt old man is Mr. Soh's bro in law, not his father :)