Sunday, March 2, 2008

Zebra Crossings

This is the lone pedestrian crossing in the whole of the Tiong Bahru Estate! And we don’t have any traffic lights here.

This zebra crossing is located along Chay Yan Street, where it used to serve the students of Tiong Bahru Primary School. I still remember the lollipop man who was dressed in a white coat helping us crossed the roads safely.

But since the school closed down in the 1990s, this crossing is quite redundant. It now serves cyclist who park their rusty bicycles at the bicycle stand there and some dog owners who bring their pets there to poo-poo.

But then again, traffic is so low, there isn’t a need to use them at all. In fact I felt very sheepish when a car stopped for me to cross while I was trying to snap a picture of this zebra crossing from various angles. I think that driver who stopped for me must be rather surprised that I used that crossing this morning....because it really leads to nowhere. Maybe I went for a leak amongst the trees, he must have thought. Hahah.

Today’s blog was inspired by today’s Sunday Time “Watch out! Everyone's jaywalking”.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Yeo

It is lollipop AUNTIE not uncle .....