Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Truth Be Told - The Movie

These are 2 movie trailers of a story based on a fictitious block 33 located within Tiong Bahru. The facade of the buildings look like it was filmed in the Bukit Ho Swee Area.

There is definitely no such block within the Tiong Bahru Estate.

Anyway, the trailer looks good and I am curious enough to want to watch the movie now.

In Golden Village cinemas on 4 October 2007.

An assignment takes TV producer Renee Donovan back to a neighbourhood she ran away from 10 years ago. There, a resident, Old Teo, recognizes her. At every turn, he threatens to reveal her secrets. As Renee struggles to cover her real identity to complete the assignment, she is forced to confront her past and the shameful secrets which surface as a result.

Truth Be Told examines the dark side of life in Singapore's public housing - the old and the poor living in the crevices of a modern and increasingly materialistic society.

电视节目主播,芮妮.丹诺芬,的第一项任务就要她从返十年前她离家出走的老组屋区作采 访。那里的一位居民,老张,认定她就是老邻居失散多年的女儿,玲玲。芮妮在执行任务的 同时,她一而再地掩饰自己的真正身份。可是她始终还是隐瞒不了事情的真相,被迫勇敢地 面对自己的过错。

《真相》试图通过苦无依的老年人和贫困一群,居住在新加坡政府组屋区里的生活画面来反 映出他们在时代的变迁与高度讲求物质享受的社会里挣扎求存让人感叹的事实。

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Anonymous said...

hi, block 33 do exist. i used to stayed @ block 31 taman ho swee, a few mins walk form tiong bahru market.