Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The "Seng Poh Road" Divider

There is an error in the current issue of the Home and Decor magazine. They have erroneously tagged the transacted prices for HDB in the Tiong Bahru Estate as Conserved flats. And to make it worse, the magazine mentioned me and my website. (Hello!? Were you working under pressure?)

Home and Decor did ask me to provide the prices of the Pre-War flats but I told them I only have the HDB transacted prices in my website. As for the Pre-War section, there are no public records of them in either the HDB or URA website. We gotta find out from the valuers or do a search on them....with cost. (I wonder why these information are not readily available).

Anyway, to "right" the wrong, I hope to be crystal clear this time around in explaining where the HDBs are and where the conserved ones are located.

Seng Poh Road (highlighted in PINK) is the road that separated the 2. I hope the picture I have provided below would clarifies this once and for all.

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