Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Birthday of the Monkey God - 26th Sep 2007

If you've got time on 26th September 2007, pop by the Monkey God Temple at the junction of Eng Hoon Street and Tiong Poh Road to catch the sights and sounds of this event.

This event honours the beloved Monkey God and is celebrated in several Chinese temples in Singapore.

Priests enter trances to channel the spirit of the Monkey God, making them behave like monkeys.

To signify the Monkey Gods bravery, they skewer themselves through the cheek and tongue, or slash their arms and legs.

A grand procession through the streets leads to the Monkey God Temple.

An empty sedan chair is carried by devotees and the entranced, pierced priests file behind with spears and skewers.

Chinese opera and puppet plays are often performed in the temple courtyard while the Lion and Dragon Dance are performed in the evening just outside the temple. (Drivers, please exercise patience as the road will be unofficially closed during the performance)

Shutterbugs, bring your cameras!

To get acquainted with this event, read about what happened during last year's event here : Festival of the Monkey God

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