Wednesday, August 1, 2007

D is for Delicious

If you ever walked around the HDB side of the Tiong Bahru Estate on certain evenings, you could not have missed the nice aroma of freshly cooked satays. Even if you are having a blocked nose, you could not have missed the high piercing and squeaky shout of the satay man. His signature shout to inform the residents of his presence is rather interesting. I have always thought I heard him says "KWAAAAAAAAAY" but my brother in law insisted that he actually shouted "SATAAAAAAAAAAAY". If you happen to bump into him, you try to decode it for yourself.

I apologise that the picture is a bit blur because I've got no guts to snap a picture of the satay man upfront. I actually took a sneak shot at him from afar. By the way, the guy without the shirt on is the customer!

This satay man has been operating in the neighbourhood for ages. I heard he has been caught many times for illegal hawking but he always comes back here to eke out a living. Maybe the authorities had caught him enough times that they leave him alone now.

Anyway, this guy sells the real stuff. The satay gravy comes with optional grinded pineapple toppings to complete the sinful experience. Why sinful? Because the middle piece of the satay consist of 100% pure lard!

I've got a health conscious friend who refuse to even taste it. Some avoided it because they were taught not to buy anything from anywhere where there is no CLEANLINESS certifications.

One thing for sure, if he is ever certified, I'm sure it would be a D......D for delicious.
And do us a favour, please do not squeal on him coz we want our D grade satays.

Photo Updates (14 August 2007)
(Managed to sneak some shots on the Satay Man without alarming him)

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