Sunday, August 12, 2007

The day before the Hungry Ghost Festival

Preparation for the Hungry Ghost festival has begun island wide. Designated custodians of the tradition has started stocking up the tentages with offerings and stuff to be blessed.

For the Tiong Bahru estate, the venue is at the badminton court in between block 38 and 49 Kim Pong road.

The welcome party for the "good brothers" will commence tomorrow evening while the annual "dinner and dance" will be held on Tuesday night. But not sure if there's gonna be any dance (GETAI) as my source told me that there is lesser participation and contribution and that event might be scrapped due to a lack of funds.

I guess the demographics in Tiong Bahru are fast changing and the newer residents here are not active participants.

But if there is a GETAI performance, many of us will become passive participants. Since it is free, we just go, watch and be entertained lah.

Picture taken at 11:34 pm 12th August 2007

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