Friday, July 27, 2007

Share my Grief.

Drop my kids off their kindergarten at Pearlbank this morning and was shocked to see that 80% of residents at Pearlbank has agreed to put their property up on sale.

I may not have lived in Pearlbank before but I still feel a deep sense of loss. Everyone who had lived in the Tiong Bahru Estate before could not have missed this Iconic building during their stay here.

This building was recently featured in URA's SINGAPORE 1:1 City, A Gallery of Architects and Urban Design. But I guess that has done nothing to help protect this building from destruction. It will probably remain in URA"s Gallery and we will have nothing REAL to show the future generations except for pictures from flickr or videos from youtube.

I'm not sure if it is too late to help these Pearlbank Anti En-Bloc folks now.

I sincerely hope their resistance will not be futile.


Cool Insider said...

Hey Alvin,

Interesting blog you have here which I found out from Kenneth's blog. I do live pretty near Tiong Bahru (at Bukit Purmei) and my wife and I send our son to Learning by the Park too. So we may have bumped into each other in the mornings between dropping off our kids and hurrying off to work.

BTW, do check out, our heritage blog, and feel free to visit my (largely non heritage) blog too.

Anonymous said...

hi ,

Just came across your blog searching for Pearlbank Kindergarten .
We have just moved to Singapore - I,m an architect and my husband's french - we were thinking of registering our two year old child at Pearlbank Childcare - do you have any comments on how it is ? We are a bit skeptic because my son only speaks French and can understand English - but if its mostly Chinese he might be left out .
Would love to have your feedback - do you think they would be closing it down soon due to the en-bloc sale ?
thanks ,