Thursday, October 2, 2014

Home-Based Businesses

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Back then, it was not uncommon to walk into someone's home to buy some titbits.

When I was studying at the Tiong Bahru Primary between 1978 - 1983, there is an old lady who would parked her make-shift stall at Block 80 Chay Yan Street, just outside unit #01-14. (I think she resided at #02-16B)

I always looked forward to buying a refreshing SNG PAO (Ice Sticks) after school. My fave was the Sour Plum flavour as there is a preserved sour plum at the bottom of the stick.

There were quite a few home based businesses and hairdressing / tuition & piano lessons were the common ones.

Fast forward to today, the "home" based business has evolved and gotten more sophisticated in Tiong Bahru.

Just walk around and you will notice home-based art galleries, home-based clothing retailers, home-based nail spa, home-based offices, home-based antique shops, home-based art studio, home-based cobblers, home-based bakery, home-based hairdresser, home-based grocer, home-based home furnishings, home based lighting retailers, home-based yoga, home-based bicycle shop, home-based book shops,  home-based "hotels" etc etc.

Some of the home-based businesses looks so legit that one cannot be faulted to think that they are operating out of a legit commercial space.

In fact, some realtor are also trying to package residential units as "commercial" units. Not sure if these realtor are really ignorant or they have just conveniently overlooked it

Am just hoping the home-based businesses in the Pre-War Tiong Bahru estate don't eventually displace the home makers.

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