Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Feeling Blue with the Green Programme

Since last week, there were blue recycling bins that appeared all over the estate
It seems the recycling company are at it again.

Same old tired strategy with most likely the same outcome.

They had just conveniently placed the bins in front of all the blocks with no regards to the aesthetic of the community.

Since my blog post about this issue in 2009, nothing much has changed. (http://tiongbahruestate.blogspot.sg/2009/02/getting-red-over-green.html)

The recycling company hasn't learnt anything as some residents remained equally stubborn and ignorant as they will persistently dump foodstuff into the recycling bin.

This was taken on 22/09/2014 and there were clearly food stuff and rubbish in and around the bin
Since these bins are not cleared daily, it will emit bad smell and attract vermin.

Oversight and practicality could be why the bins were placed along the road. It is much easier for the truck to drive alongside it to pick it up.

Practicality rules the day

This unfortunately mars the facade of our estate.

What if the same is done at these iconic places?

Can you spot the iconic blue bins?
There are 2 things the recycling company needs to do.

First thing is WORKING CLOSELY with the town council and second is EDUCATION

With the town council involved, bins could be placed at the back alley and an electric buggy could be used to clear the recycling bins efficiently onto a central collection area.

The recycling trucks could come and pick up the recyclables at one or two designated locations instead of picking them up all over the estate.

The recycling education will most likely go the way of the Courtesy campaign, it has to be a protracted on-going campaign until everyone becomes socially and environmentally responsible about their trash.

Until that happens, please execute the green campaign thoughtfully.

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