Tuesday, June 10, 2014

URA Master Plan 2014 (Tiong Bahru)

(1) Seems that Block 1 Tiong Bahru Road will be demolished as it has been scrubbed out of the Master Plan.

(2) Just realised that our quaint Post Office is actually sitting on commercial space. Which means it can be turned into something else.

With some much competition for commercial space in this estate, it doesn't take a bright spark to suggest an alternative location for the post office.

(Please don't make us go to Bukit Merah Central to pick up our parcels hor)

(3) Tiong Bahru Market is actually sitting on residential & commercial land! With a Plot Ratio of 2.8 (meaning 36 storeys building can sprout up here), someone is gonna say INTEGRATED buildings is the way to go!

Am sure this will happen if they ever en-bloc the post war side.

It would be convenient to entice a developer with this proposal.

(4) Okay okay..... our park is still a park.

Currently a showflat and some eye sores are PARKED there. Yeah, it is still a Park nonetheless.

(5) Ground floor owners at Block 55 Tiong Bahru Road can now point to this and say their RESIDENTIAL home could be turned into a commercial property coz URA say one.

By the way, someone at URA forgot to PINK CODE Hua Bee and Flock at Block 78 Moh Guan Terrace. (To err is human, we understand, no worries)

And with this chart, we now know where the commercial properties should be located and where the clandestine ones are operating out from. 

Its okay, allowed or clandestine, we QUIETLY love them all don't we. :-)

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