Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Déjà vu

Remember the dangerous junctions which I blogged about in February?

I think an accident happened there a few days ago as I noticed a car's bumper that was left in the drain at Outram Road.

And today, I was tipped off by resident Aaron about another one and I decided to walk over to check it out!

This morning's crash is probably more spectacular and a rather expensive one as well!  A Porsche Cayenne went over the curb and landed in a drain!

I think no one's hurt as the ambulance staff was moving in an unhurried manner.

Last Friday, I also saw one badly damaged taxi along Kim Tian Road.

What's the matter with our drivers nowadays? 

This is not the expressways and your MAXIMUM speed limit is 50kph!

Accidents at 50kph should not cause so much damage!

Are we waiting for those A-signs from the police seeking witnesses to some fatal road accidents?

I hope that will never ever happen here in Tiong Bahru!

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