Thursday, October 22, 2009


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Yesterday, HDB put up notices around the POST WAR side of Tiong Bahru to warn the residents here of some unscrupulous salespeople from Power Sense Enterprise.

About a fortnight ago, some of the salespeople from that company came around knocking on the doors of residents and duped them into thinking that HDB requires them to replace the pipes that are in their homes.

Since the sales pitch was done in the day, it was not surprising that most victims were the elderly or ignorant.

And I suspect their modus operandi was to look out for old and unrenovated units and zoom in on them.

These type of OLD units are frequently targetted by the door to door salespeople whilst the renovated ones were often left alone.

One of my neighbours parted with $700 to replace the pipes and she was told that the deposit was $300 and the rest could be paid on a 4 part instalments of $100.

The reason why she readily allowed them into her flat was because these salespeople actually wore clothing that resembled a uniform and they had name tags to make themselves look more “official”

Since the repainting and redecoration exercise is still on-going here, it was believable to her.

And these people even had the audacity to claim that they represented the HDB!

Anyway, this is not the 1st time Power Sense Enterprise had used this tactic. (See link: Complaints)

Over the last few days, these people could be seen going around to “replace” those pipes.

I suspect these people are just innocent third party contractors who did not know how the order was secured by the rogue salespeople. (Hence I dicided not to put up frontal pictures of them)

But based on their frequent presence here and their pick up truck, I think the sales guy is probably Power Sense Enterprise’s top salesperson of the month.

I’ve only got one word for that sales guy who preyed on the elderly and ignorant:

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