Thursday, October 15, 2009

Plagued by season parking problem in Tiong Bahru

Oct 15, 2009
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Plagued by season parking problem in Tiong Bahru

I LIVE in the popular area of Tiong Bahru and when it comes to dinner time, supper time, eve of public holidays or weekends, it is virtually impossible to find a parking lot.
 Often, we have to wait 30 minutes or more before we get to park in the vicinity of our home.

We have a season parking ticket and HDB has a scheme that allows only season parking ticket holders to park in stipulated lots. So if you have a ticket for area TE23, you are not allowed to park in area TE27, which may be just a block away from your place.

On Oct 9, we waited for 45 minutes and ended up parking in a corner of the parking area because there were no lots in our allocated area. We were issued with a parking ticket, even though the car did not pose any disturbance or hindrance to traffic.

HDB told us it was unable to waive the fine.

If we are allocated a season parking ticket, but there are insufficient lots provided, shouldn't HDB review the system and solve the problem rather than have residents pay unnecessary fines?

Shouldn't an exception be made for residents to park at available lots in other stipulated areas knowing that there are not enough lots for residents.

It is extremely frustrating because time and time again the same problem arises.

Jacqueline Tan (Ms)

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1 comment:

SGalf said...

Ms Tan,

You should ask HDB to allow you to park at any lots in Tiong Bahru and not just confined it to TE23.

Just go down to the Bukit Merah Branch Office to make the request.

If you do not ask, HDB will just allocate the parking lots nearest to your home, which all residents here know, is not feasible at all.

Good Luck.