Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday celebration at Eng Hoon Street 2009

I was reminded of a question that was asked by Chilipadi when I saw a lot of huge flags that line the road along Tiong Bahru Road and Eng Hoon Street.

As I was early for an appointment, I walked into the Monkey God temple at Eng Hoon Street to ask them if they have any up and coming activities.

I was asked to read about it on the notice that was pasted on the pillars on the temple.

"Eerrr, uncle, 请您告诉我这里什么时候有庆祝节目?"

(I'm bilingual but mono-literate and so I had to struggle real hard with the content of the notice)


"Eeer, uncle, ANG MO 是什么?"


"Ok, 谢谢"

I think I managed to grasp the essence of what he said to me and what the notice was about. Anyway, GOOGLE is still the laziest way to find out any information and this is what I found out :

Birthday of the Monkey God
This event, observed on the 16th day of the 8th lunar month, honours the beloved Monkey God and is celebrated in several Chinese temples in Singapore. Priests enter trances to channel the spirit of the Monkey God, making them behave like monkeys. To signify the Monkey Gods bravery, they skewer themselves through the cheek and tongue, or slash their arms and legs. A grand procession through the streets leads to the Monkey God Temple. An empty sedan chair is carried by devotees and the entranced, pierced priests file behind with spears and skewers. Chinese opera and puppet plays are often performed in the temple courtyard.

So with the information I had from the temple custodians, verified through GOOGLE, I think you can safely bring your DSLR down to Eng Hoon Street this Sunday at about 4pm.

I was told the procession through Tiong Poh Road, Guan Chuan Street, Seng Poh Road and Eng Hoon Street will take place at 5pm.

And this time around, it will take place on a weekend and hopefully many Tiong Bahru residents will catch a glimpse of the procession.

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SGalf said...

This artcle is more comprehensive : http://www.singaporesights.com/sight/festival-monkey-god

chilipadi said...

That's great info thanks! I also found this on the web http://temple-events.blogspot.com/

I had to ask my Chinese friend what Tangkee was - I understand it's a priest/medium of some sort.

Anyway I will be there with my friends who are also new in town. Thanks again!