Monday, August 3, 2009

The mystery of the missing BINS

I'm reposting a blog entry from Tiong Bahru Home & Friends which shed some light on the missing bins.

I think it is essential that this message be spread to as many resident as possible.

Last week, I've got an expat who was moving out of Tiong Bahru and he tossed all the rubbish at the spot where the bin used to be.

When I told him that the Town Council has removed all the bins that were placed in front of the building and residents are now required to bring all the trash to the bins located at the back of the building, he said something which I think is probably what most residents were thinking.

He thought someone had stolen the bins and the Town Council will replace them soon. (Anyway, he promptly moved all his rubbish to the bins located at the back of the building after I told him about this new initiatives by the town council)

And tonight, the impetus to blog about this came after I saw resident Carol's facebook entry asking where are all the bins in Tiong Bahru.

Walking around the last few evenings, there were so much rubbish thrown around the spot where the bins used to be located.

And mind you, you could be fined for littering just by placing trash at the spot that you were so used to placing them.

I think more needed to be done to inform the residents about the permanent removal of the bins.

Perhaps, the Town Council should even put up a signage of sorts at where those bins used to be located so that residents will be aware of this bin removal exercise.

It is odd to fine people for unintentional littering since no one told them the bins are not coming back again.

Anyway, this is the blog entry from Tiong Bahru Home & Friends :

Some of you would have noticed the issue with the reorganisation of the bins in the neighbourhood.

Here is the update from the Town Council:

To discourage residents from dumping their refuse at 5 foot way and shop front, we have worked closely with NEA and ceased putting bins at 5 foot way and shop front.

3 summons were issued by NEA to residents for not disposing their refuse into bins being provided at back lane.

To encourage eating outlets to co-operate with us, new bins will be provided by public waste collector this week to the eating establishemnts in Pre-war estate.

To prevent infestation of pest, shop tenants are required to cart their trade refuse in the bin to the bin centre opposite Blk 75 Tiong Poh Road daily.

For residential units, we will respond to any request for provison of bin for disposal of domestic refuse.

The bin must be placed at the back lane of their units.

Please contact Eric Soh of the Town Council at 64119418 if you need a bin of your own.

Lets all cooperate to make the estate a cleaner and more hygienic place for all of us!

Please inform your help, your family, your tenants, about the new arrangement.

And there is nothing like social pressure - it would be good and right if you were to politely remind people you see, who are still leaving the rubbish bags, along the backlanes, that it is not the right thing to do. :)

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chilipadi said...

Interesting info, thank you for posting. I've left 2 voice messages for Eric Soh this week already and he has yet to return my call. I stil have no bin. Does anyone have his email address so that I have proof in writing that I have made attempts to contact the relevant authorities?