Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vanishing Sights

I was still out on the streets of Tiong Bahru at about 10pm, bringing a potential buyer to view 3 units when I spotted this sight at Eu Chin Street.

I've spotted these foreign workers having a haircut at Block 74 Tiong Poh Road whilst driving home before.

But I never bothered to stop to snap a picture.

The opportunity presented itself today and I cannot resist whipping out my phone to snap a picture.

您为什么要拍照片?(Why are you taking pictures?), the lady hairdresser asked in a very suspicious tone.

我认为这是非常有趣 (I think this is very interesting.), I replied.

Not wanting to disrupt her business or make her customer nervous, I walked away with my buyers to the next apartment.

Man! I just love this sight.

It brought back my
childhood memories.

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