Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Giant Pop-Up Pirate Replica

This brand new and about to open Wangz Boutique Hotel located in between Tiong Bahru Road and Outram Road reminds me of a childhood toy I used to play with.

The barrel like facade reminds me of Pop-Up Pirate by

I’m sure you can remember Pop-Up Pirate because this game has been around for at least the last 30 years.

Many subsequent limited versions were created to appeal to avid collectors.

I think my youngest brother who is a huge fan of the famous Japanese comedian "Razor Ramon" Sumitani a.k.a. "Hard Gay", has the Hard Gay version.
Here a link which blogs about that game in greater details: Pop-Up Pirate Game

By the way, do we call it WANGzzz or WANGzee?

Or maybe it should be pronounced to sound more like wHUANGz or wHUANGzee.

WANGzzz, WANGzee, wHUANGz or wHUANGzee, I suppose it depends on where you had picked up your English from.

More importantly, just make sure the cabby understood you and not take you to TANGs instead. (Yes I know, I've stretched this TANGs bit a tad too far. LOL)


Taoism said...

I don't think anything thing with "Wang" is a pleasant name. There is a movie that made fun of Chinese in the US with a character named "Hang Wang"

I wonder if there will be a bar downstairs. If so, we could all hang at Wangz

SGalf said...

I don't think the locals know about the negative connotation with WANG (me inlcuded).

I had a Chinese Teacher whom we called Mr Wang.

And there was the WANG computer in the 80s and a nice song by WANG CHUNG.

So WANG is not too bad in this part of the world.

But despite me saying all the above, WANGZ does sound a but "CHENG CHONG".

SK said...

Names aside, I think the hotel looks awful and out of place in the estate.

peter said...

That site was the Standard Oil (Mobile)petrol station in the 1960s.