Friday, April 3, 2009

Nuts about Coconuts

I had a dandy surprise this evening.

My wife was craving for some coffee and so I have to drop her off at the Tiong Bahru Market to get her fix.

She walked back excitedly to tell me that she spotted my favourite childhood coconut candy.

Voom, I was at the second level of the market within 10 seconds.

This is the candy which I craved for from time to time.

I used to buy these candies on my way to school from a book shop that was operated by a husband and wife team.

Back then, they don’t package it in plastics bags. They just placed them in a huge glass container and we just put our hands in to grab the candies.

The bookshop is no longer there, (Who can fight against Popular Bookstore these days) and a coffeeshop that sells Hong Kong foodie is there now.

Bengawan Solo used to sell this type of candy but I think they dropped this product many years ago.

Perhaps I can still buy them at Arab Street or Little India. But since this stall at Tiong Bahru Market is gonna be here for a month or two, I’m gonna have my fill.

Since we are on the coconut topic, I think such devices are fast becoming extinct in Singapore:

Photos from Rheline (Flickr)

Even this picture taken from Reline’s flickr is from Java, Indonesia.

I remembered my parents used to ask me to pop by the provision shop to get them 50 cents worth of grinded coconut.

Sigh, the things I took for granted is either hard to find or has disappeared.

And now the picture is making me crave for some putu mayam!
Er where can I find ‘em hah?

(By the way, there used to be an Putu Mayam man who carried all his stuff on his head and sell these delicious grubs along Kim Cheng Street. How he balanced all those things on top of his head is amazing)

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