Sunday, April 5, 2009

For the Sake of our Earth!

Suddenly my world brightens up by many watts tonight!

It seems that the Tanjong Pagar Town Council has started to replace these types of orange glow lamps

to these kind of harsh white lamps:

And the Tiong Bahru sleepy romantic atmosphere that I like

is gone!

I’m not sure if everyone is in agreement with me because my 2-people survey showed me otherwise.

My son who is a little afraid of the dark loves the new level of brightness while my wife remained indifferent.

For me, I only love bright lights when I need to read or study.

Mmmm, since my son loves it so much, I might set up a table at the end of the block for him do his homework there to save on the electrical bills. (Don’t play play okay! Some big time ministers in Singapore used to study under the street lamps.)

But on second thoughts, my son is terribly afraid of lizards and lizards love bright lights because that’s where the flies hang out.

So that may not materialize any time soon.

Now I am also wondering if they will also change the type of lights at the Pre-War side.

Perhaps this “light changing exercise” is a demonstration of our town council’s heartfelt desire to BRIGHTEN up the estate as well as help us do our part in protecting our enviornment.

Watch the following video to understand the logic behind the change: (This is purely my speculation on the changes and I did not verify this with the town council)

So should I be sadly happy or happily sad about these changes?

I cannot decide.


Taoism said...

I think I am with your wife. I looked at both pictures for a long time and I could not tell you which one I liked better and so I guess I am indifferent.

As for me and my house, I am all for the new energy saving flouracent light bulbs, especially now they have the warm lighting that I am use to from the US. I have to admit that I still have incadecent ones. The main reason? You can't dim the new flourecent ones. It is either on at full power or off. I have dimmers in the living room and the bed room for when I want to create a romantic mood:)

Anonymous said...

you can be sadly sad.
CFL come in warm tones as well as Taoism said, so the medicated harsh white is a choice wrongly blamed on greening.