Monday, April 20, 2009

About Awning & Planter Racks

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I saw this letter from the Tanjong Pagar Town Council, asking residents to remove their awning and planter racks.

This letter is kinda confusing.

It started off by telling everyone they are doing R&R works (Repair and Redecoration) and they noticed many external awnings and planter boxes that are not properly maintained.

Some of these fixtures are loosen, broken, or rusted to a point that it has become a danger to everyone.

And the Town Council has asked everyone to remove these fixtures by the 30th of April 2009.

If we have anything to clarify, we can call a number provided in the letter.

I’m confused now because I’m not sure if they are ONLY asking owners with such poorly maintained structures to remove them.

Or must everyone who has a fixture comply and remove even the good and well maintained ones?

What about poorly maintained roofs like this one?

I’m not sure how the dead leaves would be cleared as it seems to be there for quite a while already.

And the cracks in the roof may also collect water!

Actually, the problem lies with the disengaged owners in Tiong Bahru Estate.

Owners who take pride in this estate would have ensured that all their fixtures are well maintained.

So the effect of this letter may just achieve the wrong results.

For those disengaged owners, this may be just another (Y)awning exercise.


Taoism said...

Ha, Simple Girl was so jealous of those people who had the planters. She was looking without success on where she can buy the fixtures so that she can start her gardan. I was actually never in favor of it because I envisioned that I would have to use my handyman skills to install these fixtures and I just didn't trust my skills to install something 3 stories up where I could kill someone.

Jon said...

great blog you have here on tiong bahru! and thanks for placing a link to pro.conservation.

from one of the authors

Xaver said...

Hi there, I also received this letter as a tenant of one of the mentioned flats (Seng Poh Rd.). Does anyone know the scope of the work? Will the light-wells also be repaired and painted?
Thank you for your answers.
Cheers Xaver

Anonymous said...

Happened to be home today and saw the workmen drilling into the external wall between my kitchen and bathroom. Called and spoke to the project manager. The workmen are changing the rusty sewage pipes into PVC ones. They'll drill from the outside of the wall to expose the pipe then change it

SGalf said...

When they replaced the pipes from the outside, they damaged my wall on the inside.

What do you think would happen if you force a pipe into the wall, something on the otherside has to give way right?

My wall plaster cracked and I had to call in the contractor to repair the wall.

They also damaged the aircon drainage pipes and my neighbour started complaining to the HDB about my leaky aircon.

I called the Town Council and they claimed to to have repaired it.

It was no laughing matter when a HDB office called me up to find out why I was so irresponsible!

In the end, I had to call the aircon guy to come and replace the cracked aircon pipes at my own cost.

I wonder how many things they have to damaged before they finish painting up the estate.