Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Rainbow Connection

It started to rain at about 6pm at Tiong Bahru this evening.

Fortunately the rain stopped in time for me to pick my son up from school by 6:30pm.

When we arrived back in Tiong Bahru at about 6:45pm, we had a very good surprise.

Right before our eyes was this very huge and clear rainbow.

I’ve never seen such a huge and clear rainbow in Singapore before!

(Emphasis : IN SINGAPORE)

Fortunately I had my camera with me because I was supposed to attend a basic photography class tonight!

So it was a Man, Moment Machine kinda thing.

I took out my camera and snapped away happily!

And then resident Mark walked by and told me there were actually 2 rainbows.

He told me the other one is above the obvious one and is rather faint!

I looked and looked and finally “saw” the other one.

I think resident Mark has far more superior retina than most people.

Click on this picture to enlarge it to see the second rainbow.

And quite predictably, I just have to end off with rainbow songs.


SGalf said...

I went on to google double rainbows in Singapore and saw some really awesome ones.

I guess the reason why I seldom notice these rainbows is because we tend to stay indoor when it rains.

Even if we are outdoor, we seldom look up.

Even if we did look up, the only we could see most of the time are trees and buildings.


Anonymous said...

Hey , i didn't know tiong bahru has a blog too. I'm staying dam near tb market too :] Anyway where do you take your basic photography lesson at ?

SGalf said...

I'm taking the basic lessons at the Safra Photo club at Mt Faber.

I have attended 3 lessons so far and I'm still pretty "sotong" with my camera.


Think I'm not gifted in this area.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it takes more practise & spent time taking more pictures.

Anyway there's only Basic ? & im sure you are using Dslr or digital camera ?

Wish you luck :D