Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Email from Tiong Bahru Heritage Club

Email from Tiong Bahru Heritage Club

Dear neighbours and friends,

Hope all of you have found the festive season an enjoyable one!

You may wish to be alerted to the upcoming 'small birthday' of the Monkey God, which will take place at the temple on Eng Hoon Street - on the 16th and 17th day of the first lunar month - i.e. this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

In addition to the usual lion/dragon dances on Tuesday night, there will also be two nights of Teochew wayang on the street.

Your shutter bug friends might want to take this opportunity to come shoot one of our neighbourhood's most colourful folk events.

Yours sincerely,
Tiong Bahru Heritage Club.

p.s. once the CNY busy period is over, we shall start again on the issue of the rubbish - time to get organised! Do send me your info on where it happens and which are the flats that you suspect house more than the allowable number of inhabitants... Cheers!


Taoism said...

" which are the flats that you suspect house more than the allowable number of inhabitants"

Does he mean pest or people? Is there a law about the number of "people" inhabitants? Think it is easy to see from outside which units are "dorms"

SGalf said...

Hi Taoism,

Very funny.....Generally there should not be more than 8 unrelated occupants in a unit. This is prevent residential units from being turned into a hostels or dormitory.

I've been getting more calls from buyers and tenants who are thinking of turning these flats into domitories or hostels...and I'm terribly upset!

These people has no regards for their neighbours or the neighbourhood.

Am glad that someone is going to champion this issue.