Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Work has Started!

I was driving past Block 50 Moh Guan Terrace yesterday evening and I noticed some paint work being done.

It seems that the Tiong Bahru Residents has selected the Original Colonial theme over the other 2 options.

While I’m not surprise with the outcome as it seems that most of the residents who bothered to cast their votes chose this theme, the Town Council has once again failed to inform the residents of the results.

Many residents had been asking what the final scheme will be and we were all clueless.

I guess we have to get use to finding out the outcome this way.


SGalf said...

I missed those days when they had to erect those wooden poles before they start repainting the estate.

Was so hoping to snap some of those kind of pictures.


Anne said...

haha!! I'm about to leave these comment that you've written above !!

When I was young,I always wonder how they managed to tied the poles together with only 1 pc of .....that is not rope, is stripes from the cane .... they have a simple way to tied it and it will be so secured.