Thursday, December 4, 2008

Instant "Lake"

I never knew what I was getting into this afternoon!

Even when I make my way to my car in the pouring rain, Mother Nature was already giving me hints that this is not just another down pour.

Water was rushing down the tree-lined pathway as I was walk cautiously and was trying to stay as dry as possible.

To get to my destination, I would normally use Tiong Bahru Road.

But this afternoon, I thought I better use the CTE instead as traffic normally slows to a crawl when it rains and I hate to wait at the lights. So I turn into Kim Tian Road instead.

I actually overtook a taxi that was waiting in an odd place as it obstructed traffic.

As soon as I overtook him, I realised why he has stopped!

The road has disappeared and all I could see was a lake before me.

What is done is done and I cannot stop my car in the middle of the flood as my car might stall!

So I carry on driving foolishly and turned into Twin Regency Condo.

Phew! I am safe for the moment......but I’m already late for my appointment at Toa Payoh!

I thought since I managed to get here without any problem, maybe I can use the same route to get back the Tiong Bahru Road and find other ways to get to Toa Payoh.

As I was driving back, my heart nearly sank.

A few cars had stopped at the mouth of Kim Tian Road and they cannot quite decide if they should proceed or turn around.

While they are deliberating, I’m surrounded by all these waters and was getting rather anxious.

Thank God I managed to find a slightly higher ground to stop my car and wait for the commotion to clear up.

While I was waiting, another brave (maybe reckless or foolish) Honda Civic zoomed past.

I didn’t wait around to see what happened but I’m sure he would have done the same thing as I did!

Those people at the corner coffeeshop looks rather excited about this flood.

I supposed they were waiting to see who will get through and who will not.

I probably would be equally curious if I was having lunch there as well.

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