Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free Parking

Lately, I had been very tempted to go and get a motorbike licence and buy a Vespa after that.

It seems that one could save tons of money here at Tiong Bahru if you own a 2 wheeler.

Parking is plentiful and you can park anywhere and everywhere you like without ever tearing a parking coupon or taking out a season parking disc for your bike.

If you feel like riding all the way up to your neighbour’s block or the market, the walkways are made for this purpose.

And if your horn is working, you can even HONK those “jay-walkers” who seems to think the pavement are theirs.

This “opportunity” has existed for a very long time and more and more residents have noticed this wonderful loophole.

If you park in the “right” place, it seems that you may get away scot free.

Those who sheepishly play by the rules and park in a designated motorcycle lots are the silliest people. They put out coupons only to be booked by the parking wardens when it expires.

Come on everyone, let’s think out of the “LOT” and get creative.

Breaking the rules here seems NORMAL and perhaps it is like what some uncles at the coffeeshop would exclaim: THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT here.

NOTE: I’m only being sarcastic. Someone please do something about these illegal parking.


SGalf said...

Coincidentally, the ST Online Forum also contain a rather similar rant on the illegal use of the footpath.

Here’s the link: McDonald's delivery riders: They shouldn't use footpaths

Anonymous said...

Under Rule 28 of the Road Traffic Rule, parking on pavement is liable for a fine of $70 (light vehicles).

Contact Tiong Bahru Neighbourhood Police Post at 1800-273 9999 or 6 2785651 (Fax).

B Leow said...

Please give due credit to those whose photographs you are ripping off Yahoo Flickr.

SGalf said...

Mr B Leow,

Those photos were taken by me.

I don't see the need to credit myself.


SGalf said...

Hi B Leow,

I think you are referring those pictures on the left side of this blog.

Blogger provides a photofeed from flickr based on "key words".

Since your photo was tagged "Tiong Bahru", it showed up on the blog.

To find out who has taken those pictures, one just needed to click on the pictures and one will be directed to the FLICKR account user.

The pictures will not be there for long. As soon as someone else post newer pictures into FLICKR, the older ones will be replaced.

Hope this clarifies.