Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Few Windows of Opportunities

(Windows and Door in Room 1)

(Windows and Door in Room 2)

(Only Windows in Room 3)

Someone just got the keys to this apartment.

The original intention was to keep these windows but the other co-owner has other thoughts.

These windows just cut off too much light and I like the place to be bright!” exclaimed the owner.

“You mean you are gonna toss these windows out?” I asked with a bewildered look on my face.

“Would you mind if I get someone to adopt these windows? These GREEN-stained windows are priceless and I’ve got some people who might be interested to adopt and restore them. The elongated ones are the rarest! I hardly see them anymore.”

“Yeah, I know they are nice, but.....it just wouldn’t fit here anymore. If they want it, I will get my contractors to leave them aside.”

“Okay Okay, thanks...will pass the word around”

If you really want these windows, my advice is to get your own contractor to dismantle them. The owner’s contractors might just break all the glass when they dismantle them....and the glass is the most priceless of the whole thing.

Let me know ASAP as it would be a shame to let this get away!


SGalf said...

Windows has been removed and thrown away!

Anonymous said...

You wonder why people bother to buy a Tiong Bahru flat if they are going to tear down everything that gives it character...