Saturday, November 8, 2008

Two 1950s Doors (Up for Grabs)

Two 1950’s doors from the Post War Section of Tiong Bahru is up for grabs.

One of these doors still has the signature chicken wire glass while another has been covered up.

I’ve seen some owners who turned these doors into a sliding door version and they look great!

Please help to prolong these doors’ life.


kelvin said...

lovely doors but no space in my flat! but recycling period pieces are really great... shame to let them go since they are much better made than modern doors!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alvin

Are these still going?

Thsi is Dan at Block 80...

Knightmeh said...

Lemme check

Anonymous said...

I still have these doors in my apartment and did some distressing to great effect. I'd be keen on these if still available. let me know?


SGalf said...

Hi Everyone,

We are all a bit too late.

These doors were sent to the incinerators a few weeks ago.


MightyMints said...

Urgh, crushing.