Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Old Map of the Tiong Bahru Estate

This is a rare map of the Tiong Bahru Estate.

I wouldn't have gotten this if it is not for Kelvin Ang!

Tiong Bahru Estate used to be much bigger back then as it stretches all the way to Kim Tian and Boon Tiong Road.

There were lots of open spaces and the Central Expressway (CTE) hasn't taken over Sit Wah Road.

Tiong Bahru Community Centre (or Club) and Seng Poh Lane (Where Por Kee Restaurant is), was not in existent.

If you look at the bottom right, you would have noticed the name James M Fraser.

I've blogged about this person previously.

You may want to read it here : The Boys’ Brigade Connection


NäZâ said...

Hey, I'm Nazareno from Argentina, where are you from? It's a very good blog I like it. Kisses.

Dave Yeo said...

I like this blog. I used to live in one of a pair of big double storey pre-war houses with a courtyard at Sit Wah Road. There was a well in my backyard and neighors used to come to my place to draw water whenever there were water stoppages. Many of my neighbours were hawkers at the nearby Tiong Bahru market - from salted vegetables, hen eggs, charcoal to pig organ soup. My immediate neighbour ran a soft candy confectionery factory and every afternoon, the air was filled with sweet fragrance coming out from next door.

I used to play football, catch grasshoppers, cycle in and around the big grass patch and football field nearby. Sadly, this whole street and field is now all gone, replaced by the CTE.

Do you have any pictures of Sit Wah Road? I was too small then to think of taking photographs of this street and my house.

dave yeo