Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reviving the Tiong Bahru Bird Corner

This sight may be revived very soon!

I was delighted to hear from Ms Julia Lim of the Link Hotel about how they are serious about resurrecting this Tiong Bahru Heritage.

As coffee and tea are a must for this corner, they are now bogged down with the usual red tapes in getting F&B licences.

Link Hotel is also working hard to source for the right tables & chairs so that the right ambience is agreeable to both the Birds and the People.

Once these things are put in place, Link Hotel will be organizing a Bird Singing Competition and that would probably happen later part of this year.

To get acquainted with the Birds’ enthusiast culture, Ms Lim had been burning her weekends to visit various Bird Singing Competitions to find out what it entails to organize such competitions.

She mentioned that Link Hotel will be very receptive to Expert’s opinions as the judging criteria can be quite mind boggling to people who are not familiar with such competitions.

I could sense that they really serious about reviving this corner this time around.

In Ms Lim’s own words:

I hope the first bird-singing competition organized by the hotel will be a great success in bringing back the bird lovers and in resurrecting the ‘kampong’/ ‘kopitiam’ spirit of the area.

I look forward to Link Hotel’s success with the Bird Corner as their success is also a Tiong Bahru’s success.


kelvin said...

that is really good news! I wonder if they are keen to have a reproduction of THE FAMOUS painting of the corner by Chua Mia Tee? if so, can raise it with the Art Museum.... And, Geraldine Lowe can share her stories of the corner to be written down and display on a panel!

Julia Lim said...

Thank you for updating your readers on the bird corner, Alvin! Thank you also for your suggestions Kelvin. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback for us, be it for the bird corner or the hotel, please do send me an email at julia.lim@linkhotel.com.sg. :)

SGalf said...

No worries...I'll do anything (almost anything) to improve TIong Bahru. Haha

Julia Lim said...

Your passion for Tiong Bahru is truly catching! Are there any books or websites you can recommend to learn more about the estate? I think it will be great to tell our guests more about the history of the neighbourhood and its changing landscape and demographics.

Sindy said...

It is no wonder the Bird corner is so deserted and quiet. The striking yellow pole is so modern that it does not fit in with the old charm of the bird corner...