Monday, September 29, 2008

Braised Duck Noodles : Lost & Found

Monday morning is always a tricky day to think about what to have for breakfast at Tiong Bahru.

Many food stalls at the Tiong Bahru Market are closed on Mondays and my favourite coffee stall (No. 238) is closed as well.

I recalled Benjamin Tan calling me up last Saturday evening to tell me quite excitedly that he found his favourite duck noodles stall within the Tiong Bahru Estate!

He had been eating that duck noodles since his childhood days and ever since that stall moved out from the Silat area, he had been craving for that familiar taste!

So it was no wonder that he was extremely elated when he found it at Block 57 Eng Hoon St.

This stall (Sum Long Teochew Braised Duck) is located within the same coffeeshop that sells Tiong Bahru Famous 3 day old Curry Rice.

I decided to check it out this morning.

My wife went for the Bee Hoon soup while I went for Ben’s recommendation, Mee Pok Dry.

Frankly, I’ve never eaten duck noodles with the Mee Pok combination but since Ben mentioned it, I gave it a try. (I always thought duck noodles is only available in the noodles and kway teow combination)

The taste was awesome and the soup was good. (Since I’m not a food critic, I have very limited vocabulary to describe that sensation to you. So you gotta try it to know).

I really don’t mind going back to have another bowl tomorrow morning!

Benjamin Tan of Block 78 Guan Chuan, thank you so much for sharing!

I just hope that locating a place to sit down would not be a challenge in future....but then again, I live in the Tiong Bahru Estate, I can always “TA PAO” (doggy bag) it back home to savour it.

Am very very very hungry now!

On a totally unrelated topic, I noticed some orange paint had been peeled off at the base of the columns while I was waiting for my noodles.

The exposed part shows the original GREY finish.

If you are going there to check out the duck noodles, do take some time to check this out while you are waiting for your meal.

You can kill 2 ducks with 1 stone this way.


SGalf said...

Read more about this great stall at

To read the review, please click on the following :
Food Review on Sum Long Teochew Braise Duck

Marquis_De_Sade said...


That's like my resident coffee shop when I was growing up!! Didn't realise that there's so much changes with the stall!

Anonymous said...

This store was related to the duck noodle selling along the roadside at Neil Road, or Spottiswood Park in late 70 & early 80. A very famous duck noodle store at that time. Lots of SGH doctors, nurses,workers & staff used to go there to eat.If u miss that olden taste. That is the one.

damon said...

this one is really good, especially the soup! it's the best one i've ever had!